Wenger Admits Arsenal Less Efficient

Wenger Admits Arsenal Less Efficient

The match statistics show Arsenal are far superior to Manchester United, except for business goals Agen judi online. Arsene Wenger admitted Arsenal is less efficient.

Arsenal lost 1-3 from Manchester United in Premier League action at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (3/12/2017) pm dawn. The home team fell despite appearing more dominating and more pressing.

Premier League official website called Arsenal superior control of the ball up to 75.1 percent. Arsenal also recorded touching the ball as much as 846 times, while MU only 448 times. When Arsenal made 655 passes throughout the game, MU was only about a third (222 passes).

Arsenal made 33 scoring attempts and 15 of them were on target. Instead, Manchester just make eight goalscoring experiments and four are right on target.

However, the dominance is meaningless because Arsenal only able to score a goal by Alexandre Lacazette. Meanwhile, from four shots on target that made MU, three of them fruitful goals through Antonio Valencia and Jesse Lingard (two goals).

Wenger admitted inefficient Arsenal in this fight. But, he also praised the toughness of David de Gea, who made many important rescues under the MU rule.

“I’m really disappointed because it’s a good performance, but in the end we have nothing to show and it’s hard to get in. We’re not efficient enough in important areas We put ourselves in a difficult position,” Wenger said. quoted by the BBC.

Arsenal are now sitting in fifth rank Premier League standings with 28 points. The Gunners are under Manchester City (40), Manchester United (35), Chelsea (32), and Liverpool (29).

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