Neville Confident Competition English Premier League Champion This Season Only Belongs to Two Clubs

Gary Neville believes this season Manchester United will be involved in Premier League championship competition for the first time since Sir Alex Ferguson retired

Neville sees the fight for the Premier League title going centered between Jose Mourinho and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola this season. Manchester United have not finished the season higher than fourth since the Ferguson era ended in 2013, with David Moyes and Louis van Gaal failing to bring the club to the Premier League title.

Mourinho has won titles in his second season in Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and twice at Chelsea, and with 20 points from 8 games this season, he is likely to bring the league trophy to Old Trafford.

Manchester United are still two points behind Manchester City at the top of the league, and Neville says: “There is consistency, for sure. There is strength, they are hard to beat, there are a lot of very good things. This season will be a big challenge to win the league, Manchester City looks fantastic. ”

“But there is something up there that says they can win the league, and I have not seen that for the last three or four years. I have never seen a Manchester United team capable of challenging in the league, let alone winning it. What I see now is a consistent team, a team that is hard to beat, who survives well and are able to score goals, “he added.

The Premier League standings so far seem normal after eight matches, with Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool being among the top team. But Neville remains convinced that the competition for the league title will be centered between Mourinho and Guardiola, as when they deal with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“It looks like that. I love watching Tottenham, but do they have the depth of a squad to challenge United and City this season? I am not sure. Arsenal? No. Chelsea looked like they were in a difficult period and Liverpool did not. So, United and City, “he concluded. (Source: ESPN)

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