Dortmund defender warns Dembele Do not Act as you please

Dortmund defender warns Dembele Do not Act as you please

Ousmane Dembele is in the public spotlight for doing something less than commendable with loss to the training session with Borussia Dortmund without any news. As a result, he had to undergo a suspended felony club for several games.

Dembele allegedly wanted to leave Dortmund and accept proposal Barcelona who want it to be a substitute for Neymar.

Dortmund defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos warned his colleagues not to act at will. Sokratis advised Dembele to emulate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who had intended to leave, but he remained professional by doing his best during the practice session.

Sokratis believes Dembele will learn valuable lessons from this incident because the 19-year-old is a good and hard-working figure.

“Dembele is a good boy. But he must understand that there is no player bigger than the team. All players must understand that they have to work for the team. Dembele must also apply this, “Sokratis said.

“He can not do what he wants and must learn from Aubameyang as an example. Auba can also imagine himself leaving. But he acts professionally in every training and match session. ”

“In the first DFL Cup match, Auba scored three goals. Dembele is not there. He should not forget that he still has a long-term contract with the club, “Sokratis added.

When asked if Dembele would return to the squad, Sokratis replied, “First he has to communicate with us and come back to practice again. Next we’ll see. ”

“Dembele has done a lot for us. He is the player who makes the difference. We need a player like him. But we also need players who are not egos and want to be part of the family. Currently Dembele does not want that, “closed Sokratis. (Source: Soccerway)

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